Q: What is compliance?

Compliance is, at its simplest, taking the steps required to follow the federal and state employment laws. This includes posting the federal and state compliance posters in your office, following specific procedures to hire new employees, and understanding your legal obligations so you can comply with Federal and Colorado employment law.

Q: There was a discrimination complaint in our office. Can you come in and do the internal workplace investigation?

Yes. ECS will send a trained legal professional to conduct a formal workplace investigation. Or, if you prefer to conduct the investigation yourself, ECS offers HR consulting services to coach you through the investigation.

Q: How can we get legal training on discrimination?

If discrimination or other issues such as workplace harassment or theft has come up at your office, ECS can conduct HR training for your managers and employees. These courses are also available for proactive training for large and small companies.

Q: Can you look at our policy?

Yes. Our legal background puts us in an ideal position to review your policy, with an eye toward helping your business to succeed. We can work with your company to draft or update your employee handbook to make sure that it both protects your organization and complies with legal requirements.

Q: I want to hire someone as an independent contractor – what guidelines do I need to be aware of?

Compliant processes for hiring an independent contractor or an employee depend on the specific situation, but we can coach you through it.

Q: The Department Of Labor is going to audit me. How do I prepare?

Make sure you’re compliant! We can help with a compliance program, or by sending an expert to review your company and find any areas you might be at risk.

Q: I need a training course for my company, and I don’t see the course I need listed on your site. Can we create our own course?

Absolutely! We offer customized courses to meet our clients’ needs. Let us know what you need training on, and we’ll work together to build the right training course.