Partner Resources

Workplace Safety
ECS proudly partners with Colorado’s Premier Safety Consulting Firm, Hellman & Associates, to provide employers with a highly responsive, cost-effective alternative to traditional project-based environmental health and safety (EHS) consultation.


Translation and Communication Services 
ECS proudly partners with Futuro Sólido USA to provide support to companies that employ or sell to Spanish speakers. Futuro Sólido specializes in results-oriented Spanish communication that includes professional translation and much more.   Futuro Sólido’s clients have seen: Dramatically improved participation in benefits and insurance, more than doubled participation in retirements plans, OSHA recordable incident rate go from 7.8 to zero in the space of 8 months, due to improved compliance, improved and more consistent use of English in the workplace and much more.


Talent Acquisition
ECS proudly partners with Diversified Personnel a consulting firm focused on partnering with organizations who have a business need to find and retain top talent. The company offers a variety of services ranging from tailored talent acquisition and retention to behavioral based interviewing training to manager training. The company specializes in various disciplines, including manufacturing (salaried and direct labor), accounting, engineering, environmental health and safety, internal audit, human resources and other disciplines. The company offers a list of services for business owners to choose from, depending on their particular business needs. This includes: recruiting, supervisory/managerial training, behavioral based interviewing training, onboarding, exit interviews, etc.